Yes. VEEER is a fun sideproject of mine which I hope is useful to digital workers like you. The VEEER desktop app doesn’t collect or send any private information and works client-side only, without any external servers. While the current version (1.0.0) is completely free, I reserve the right to change the pricing in the future.

Once downloaded, unzip the file and place the VEEER app inside your application folder. Open VEEER by double-clicking and go to Settings & Privacy > Accessibility > Privacy and make a checkmark to allow VEEER to control your windows (Click the lock to beforehand). Once you have granted VEEER access, open VEEER again to see the welcome screen.

Note: By installing and using VEEER, you agree to the license agreement and privacy policy.

Have fun being productive!

For the further development of VEEER, that’s actually helpful. Please join my support group to send the details about your bug/issue and I’ll work on solving that bug in future updates. When writing a bug/issue report please state your current operating system (e.g. macOS Sierra) and the problem you’re experiencing.

If you like VEEER, it’d mean a lot if you share the link to the website so other designers & developers can find VEEER too. If you found a problem while using the app, please write a brief report in the support group. If you’d like to give me a tip or buy me a coffee, you can do so:

ETH: 0xA45A126Cb175B448ee1000D87EaBfFd11e6f62a7


Thanks! ❤️

While VEEER has been tested many times, I can’t guarantee that VEEER works flawlessly all the time. The problem of VEEER being “stuck” or frozen in the “VEEER mode” might occur very rarely, for example when your system is under heavy load, and can be solved by simply terminating the program pressing your VEEER mode activation keys & “t”. As stated in the license agreement, my program VEEER and I are not liable for any damages and/or opportunity costs resulting from this issue. In case this issue might happen, please submit a short report in my support group.